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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September Air

The sun is still shining but a sniff of autumn lies in the morning air. September is here and the summer holidays have slipped away.

Work in the archive has continued throughout the summer months, but the new term still has that feeling of 'real work about to begin'.

So today I've picked up two books via the lovely Becky and the Inter-Library Loan system, and work will progress in earnest.

The summer has given me the chance to think around my subject, and to plan ahead. I've synthesized one aspect of my research into a poster presentation for the upcoming 'Georgian Pleasures' conference, which has given me a chance to look at ways of presenting the information, ways of thinking issues through, and ways of meeting a different challenge. This has included learning a programme I had not used before (Microsoft Publisher) and two very useful meetings with fellow PhD students.

My son leaves for University in less than two weeks, and although this will mean changes in my family life, I'm looking forward to focusing more of my effort on study and work.

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