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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

On Conferences

I've just attended another conference, this time hosted by the Centre for History and Culture at my own university. Organised by Professor. Elaine Chalus and Dr Roberta Anderson, the event was rooted in the 18th century, under the title 'Georgian Pleasures'.

During the two days, the postgraduate group, along with several enthusiastic undergrads, began to run with Bobby and Elaine's idea of hosting their own conference, in June 2014.

Attendance at previous conferences has given me a flavour of what is involved, what is required, and ideas for successful future events. 

Our topic is the 300th anniversary of the accession of George I, and the changes which happened in the transition from the Stuarts to the Hanoverians. This will give a wide canvas to explore, from social to political, cultural to military history. 

Having jotted down a list of tasks, thoughts and initial plans, the next step will be to gather the group and decide what to do next. It's an exciting prospect. The group is composed of a range of people, with a range of skills, and between us we should be able to organise a terrific event.

Watch this space.

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