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Monday, 25 November 2013

Getting organised

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed over the past week or so. Whether this is the typical 'post-break' feeling or something a little more serious, I'm not sure, but its led me to think very hard about my organisation strategy.

Overall, I think my current method is effective, but can see a time over the next few years when I'll have too many notes, books, and information repositories.

I have:
1 notebook on the go at a time. With this method I hope to build a time/place association (each book is a different colour) so that thought processes can be traced

1 card file with one card for each source read (a tangible record of each source read)

A small pile of sources to get through at a time (too many at a time becomes overwhelming, I've found)

Computer folders and files with downloaded articles, journal references etc. Its this last category which is starting to feel unwieldy, and I'm forgetting what I have there.

So, overall, it seems I work best with tangible resources, and I find reassurance and comfort, I suppose, from being able to see, touch or handle the things I need. This is why organisational apps don't suit me - or at least I've never found one (yet?) which suits the way I think and function.

 I will have to rearrange my online and computer-stored sources, to respond to this way of operating. Then, perhaps, I will begin to feel more in control.

The good thing is that I've identified, through writing this down, what I need to do and why I need to do it.

Now for some thinking about an online system...

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